Clean, afforadable, and always ready when you need us

Our car wash is ready to serve your every need. With 4 self-serve bays and one Touchless Automatic, you're sure to find everything you need. We keep our wash clean and all of our equipment is top of the line. We offer many ways to save you money and make your car wash experience fast and easy! From our Wash Club to our Gift Cards, we have what you need. Come see why we are the car wash of choice!

Wash Club - A different kind of club

An exciting new club where members get Special Offers, Discounted Prices, and other Bonuses, including FREE Birthday washes! We value your business and want to reward your loyalty.

Wash Club Benefits

Birthday Wash: Get a FREE Ultimate Wash in the Touchless Automatic on your birthday each year!
Discount Wash Days: Club Member Special Days. Comming Soon!

How it Works

Instead of selling you another loyalty card to keep in your wallet, we simply register your credit/ATM cards (only the last 4 digits are needed). Every time you visit our car wash and use one of your registered cards you'll earn rewards and receive special pricing only available to Wash Club members. Click on the "Join the Club" link above and enter the required information. You'll receive a confirmation email that you must reply to in order to activate your account. Once activated, you'll receive your first reward.... a FREE CAR WASH on your next visit.